Dual Pitch


Floor Truss



Standard Truss Types

Commercial Roof Trusses

Machine shops, warehouses, stores, factories and more are designed with commercial loading.

Farm Trusses

Pig and chicken barns, hay, feed and machinery storage buildings qualify as farm buildings and as such can use wider truss spacing. This saves on material but requires careful design to ensure lateral stability as well as compressive strength. Eldor Trusses regularly builds farm truss sets that span 60' to 80'.

Residential Roof Trusses

Residential roof truss systems are where Eldor Trusses can make the most obvious use of computer technology. We can build complex roof systems that require hundreds of individually different trusses and jacks. Top chords and bottom chords can each have multiple pitches and when built, will fit together into a unified roof structure.

Floor Trusses

Floor trusses allow for long spans and maximum ease for running plumbing and heat work.

Vaulted Trusses

Eldor Trusses builds shallow or deep vaulted trusses that take maximum advantage of the strength of the wood material available. Customers can achieve dramatic ceiling profiles in their homes such as one vault running into another vault or a simple vault over a kitchen or other area.

Girder Trusses

Eldor Trusses builds girder trusses that are either common, vaulted, hip, wall or a combination. There is no trouble producing complicated top and bottom chord profiles and building the girder for the precise load it needs to carry. Using mathematical formulas along with Alpine AIS software we design our girders to handle complex snow and wind loading conditions.

Attic Trusses

Attic trusses are a convenient method for adding a room over a garage or a living area. We build attic trusses with dimensional lumber bottom chords or webbed floor joists.